What is the Shop Newark Program?

Shop Newark is an economic development initiative that encourages people to support local businesses by providing an annual rebate. People who participate in the program can receive a property tax credit if they own property in Newark. Or, they can receive an annual rebate check. Studies show that local businesses employ more residents, give more back to the community, and help stabilize their neighborhoods and the tax base.

How does a typical transaction work?

Cardholders present their cards or give their registered Shop Newark Phone Number to participating businesses. The merchant records the sale and a % of the sale will be credited to you. Merchants can choose the % of rebate, but most choose 10%. Rewards will be credited yearly to your third quarter property tax bill or a rebate check will be mailed in the Fall (September-October).

How can businesses participate in the Shop Newark program?

Businesses can sign up here. Each business determines what percentage of rebate to offer participating consumers. After completing the application, a welcome kit will be sent to you with additional information and marketing materials! If you have additional questions, you can call (973) 888-9342 or email us at

Merchant Benefits

Ongoing marketing from the city

The city will implement a marketing campaign to promote your business with residents and individuals working in town.

Email addresses

Your business will have access to all their customers’ names and  email addresses.

Deals of the Month

Give us your monthly coupon deals and we will email it to all our participants in our Deals of the Month email blast. Our email opening rate is an astonishing 40-50%. This is a free service.

Email Blast

We send out an email at least twice a month with the name and address of your business as well as a link to your businesses website.

Window Cling

A window cling displaying that this business is participating in the program. Window clings have qr codes. Scan with your smartphone and get the list of all participating merchants and their offers.

Facebook Page

Become our friend on Facebook and we will share your posts with our Facebook community

Website Banners

Your business will have two banners on our website The first banner will be at the top of the website and the second will be in list form under participating businesses. Each banner will be linked to your business website.

Tax Insert

Tax insert whener possible, the city will include an insert in their tax bill/water bill to advertise the program and your business. Tax/water bills are mailed to the entire community.

I'm interested in joining the Shop Newark Merchant Program

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