Business and Consumer FAQ

Business FAQ

What is the Shop Newark Program?

Shop Newark is an economic development initiative that encourages people to support local businesses by providing an annual rebate. People who participate in the program can receive a property tax credit if they own property in Newark. Or, they can receive an annual rebate check. Studies show that local businesses employ more residents, give more back to the community, and help stabilize their neighborhoods and the tax base.

How does a typical transaction work?

Cardholders present their cards at participating businesses. The merchant swipes the card and the a % of the sale will be credited to you. Merchants can choose the % of rebate, but most choose 10%. Rewards will be credited yearly to your third quarter property tax bill or a rebate check will be mailed in the Fall (September-October).

How can businesses participate in the Shop Newark program?

Businesses can sign up at this website-Shop Newark. You determine what % of rebate to offer the cardholder. After completing the application, a welcome kit will be sent to you with additional information and marketing materials. If you have additional questions, you can call (973) 571-3262. You may also contact Newark Economic Development Corporation (NECDC) at (973) 273-1040. You may also email at or call our Customer Service number (732) 946-0919.

Consumers FAQ

How do consumers sign up and obtain a Shop Newark card?

Shop Newark card are available by request at the Shop Newark website. A card will be mailed to you. There will be community locations to obtain a card. Please keep checking the website for these locations.

Can I benefit from Shop Newark if I am not a property owner?

Yes. When you register your card, check the Renters box and provide your information. The Renters option will appear in the registration form only if your township program allows renters to participate. Yearly, a check for the total rebates you have accrued will be mailed to you. A $7 check handling fee will be deducted from your accumulated rebates

How do I keep track of my property tax credits?

After you register your card on this web site, you will be able to check your card(s) activity and savings. To login you will use the email address and the phone number you input at registration.